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      Where simplicity meets elegance, that’s where you will find us. Every element we offer from Edomae style to izakaya harmonized with the concept of Yugen. There are many contexts for the word Yugen. However, we perceive it as an exceptional beauty that stays as it is without any limit of time. We proudly serve the highest quality seafood from Japan with trusted vendors that have been dabbling in the industry for decades. We are specialized in omakase with the best-detailed selection of seafood and freshest ingredients available.


     Meet Tony Cao, our Executive Chef who brings traditional yet flavorful Japanese dishes to your plate. Chef Tony, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field started his career as young as 19 years old as a preparation chef. Ever since He has been perfecting his skills in numerous high-end fine-dining Japanese restaurants. Some of the topliner, such as O Ya (NYC), Kanoyama, Rainbow Room (Rockefeller Center), Megu, and many more have led him to create his style of sushi with a small touch of American food influence. Chef Tony is ready to pour his passion into your omakase special course that you could have here only at Sushi Yugen.

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